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Name: Sintama
Age: 21 yrs

For the past 3-4 years I have struggled severely with acne, it was at the point where I wouldnt leave the house for days at the fear of being remembered for my acne or being laughed at. I tried absolutely everything under the sun from chemical formulas, to the most natural remedies I could find, I spent over a $1,000 on skin care as I was desperate for results but not even that helped me to clear up my skin. And it wasnt until I found your Kosmea skincare range recently that my skin started to show almost immediate results, it was completely out of the blue, I had run out of my current cleanser that I was using and had been gifted your clarifying facial cleanser and hydrating rose water mist not knowing a thing about it, At the time I just liked the sound of the ingredients and thought I would give it a try. But these formulas have quite literally changed my skin, and I cannot express how thankful I am that I stumbled across these small bottles of magic, it wasnt long ago at all that I began using these products and the changes in my skin have been mind blowing, I am so excited to have found a company that cares about the ingredients going into your skin and I can happily say I have never been so confident in my skin and in my self!! I hope that you guys continue to produce skincare that actually makes a difference as skin is something that has shown to me can effect your happiness and wellbeing.

Beauty Expert Tips

Article by Linda Davis

When it comes to beauty treatments, there are tons of 'em out there to try. But depending on where you draw the line for gross beauty tips, some may be a little too weird to be worth testing. Like guano (which is basically a nicer-sounding word for bird poop). Yeah, that's a thing. But if it's something so disgusting that even a makeup artist would never put it on her face, I think it might be worth skipping. After all, there are plenty of other tips with amazing skin benefits that aren't quite so vomit-inducing.

Of course, they're still a little weird though. Some are things you'd probably rather eat than want to slather all over your mug. Others are things you might've thought belonged outside your house, not inside your body. But even though it may seem kinda gross, it's in the name of beauty. (Hello, healthy skin and hair.) So you can have it all from clearer skin, to longer lashes, to conditioned locks, here are seven things you may not normally want touching your face or hair but actually work wonders. Oh, and don't worry. These odd beauty tips were actually recommended by experts with whom I emailed. No excrement allowed.